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4 Tips for a Smart Travel in Bali

Theft is a relatively low risk in Bali, but snatch-theft and theft from hotel rooms are not unknown. Bali is not 100% safe, therefore the following precautions need to be followed

- Keep doors and windows securely locked when away from your hotel room, or at nigh.

- Carry only copies of your passports and travel documents; leave the originals locked up in your hotel room.

Bali's famously chaotic traffic situation can cause trouble if you're not prepared for it. Whether you're a pedestrian or aspiring motorist, the following rules can spell the difference between a fun Bali vacation and a week in traction or worse.

Don't drive yourself - get a car with driver instead. If you're planning to get around the island by yourself, you might be tempted to hire a self-drive car in Bali(especially if you meet the requirements). But if you value your life, do not drive your own way. Rent a car with a driver instead; the prices are not that much more expensive, and you can relax while the driver uses his intimate knowledge of the road to get you around.

Most tourists in Bali don't think too much about the law, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to steer clear of the Balinese authorities.

Don't buy drugs in Bali. The drug laws in Bali and the rest of Indonesia follow a pattern set by the drug laws in the rest of Southeast Asia - they're strict and ready to make an example of any tourist foolish enough to be caught indulging in illegal drugs while on the island.

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