news press release 23DEC


In regards to the rumour and unverified information published about a said Legionnaires Disease Outbreak in Central Kuta, Bali this week and that specifies that the Ramayana Resort & Spa as the linked hotel. We would like to clarify that the article is not proven again and that there was no communications from the Australian Government-Department of Health nor the media company directly or that anyone had been interviewed in conjunction to the allegation. There was no clarification requested to our company prior to the publication today.

There is no evidence showing that our hotel is linked directly to the Legionnaires bacteria and that we do have clinical test from Niki Diagnostic Center (NDC) located in Bali dated 5th September 2019. As in our strict Hotel policy towards health & safety our water also air treatment/supplies or systems throughout the hotel have been tested and have passed Indonesian legislation.

The test have been done by the certified Laboratory of Society Health in September 5th 2019 and the named bacteria called Legionella Pneumophila was not detected in tests so we are pleased with the result shown as NEGATIVE. Our company keeps the legal papers showing that the test result which supports this statement release and we are more than pleased to show it to anybody who requested for it.

As mentioned in the article published, the Western Australia Health Department Director of Communicable Disease Control, Dr Paul Armstrong, said that the exact source of the disease remained unknown as cases were from the area of Kuta and associated Hotels in the region. As with many systems that can spread any disease and not forgetting the cross contamination in enclosed areas or spaces its truly difficult for direct clarification on the source of any infections and as we are sure that the medical professionalism would agree on this.

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